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Karystos Stone Quarries | Manolis Anargyros

A.N. MANOLIS is a family run business which deals with the excavating and processing of Karystos’ stones. The history of the quarry where the digging up takes place, goes back to two centuries. A long time ago ,rocks from the specific quarry were used for tiling the historic centre of Athens (Plaka, Monastiraki, Thisio e.t.c.) as well as in other significant cities of the time.

Moreover, it is a product that is exported and used in several countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Cyprus and in most countries of southeastern Europe.



Our Objective

Serving and keeping our customers satisfied is our main concern, so that they become the best ambassadors for our product.This is the reason why we combine top quality with competitive prices.
You can visit our quarries or the processing Dept. and find out the quality of our rocks and choose the product of your taste.
The rocks are divided in the following color categories:
green, grey, greenish brown, brown and variations of these colors.