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Products of Karystos stone | Quarry

Polygon green 2,5-3cm
Polygon grey 2,5-3cm
Polygon brown 2,5-3cm
Polygon mixed 2,5-3cm
Polygon green / γκρι 3-5cm
Squared dimensions
10,15,20,25,30,35 Χ free. length
Καπάκια Πράσινο/γκρι 3-5cm
Stairs 32cm X >0,80cm
Ρίχτια 15-17cm Χ >0,80cm
Sokoro of Karystos stone
Rock of Karystos stone
Σοφατεπί 7cm X > 50cm

Our Objective

Serving and keeping our customers satisfied is our main concern, so that they become the best ambassadors for our product.This is the reason why we combine top quality with competitive prices. You can visit our quarries or the processing Dept. and find out the quality of our rocks and choose the product of your taste. The rocks are divided in the following color categories: green, grey, greenish brown, brown and variations of these colors.